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Staging Consultation
The purpose of this meeting is to prepare your house for sale. Our goal is to help you make your house look like new, much like a model home, and spend a minimal amount of money. This meeting will take between 1-2 hours. We will start at the curb, go all the way through your house room by room, closet by closet and into the backyard. As we discuss ideas during the consultation, we will also prepare a comprehensive checklist for your reference. This list will include everything you need to make your house the most marketable in the area. We can assist you with some of the checklist items if you desire, and we have a full list of handymen, painters, and cleaning crews available to you if necessary. This is an excellent idea for Real Estate agents to use for their new listings!

HOME Staging
After the staging consultation, if you so desire we can stage one or more of the rooms discussed in the initial consultation. Staging is the art of making a space resemble a model home. This is accomplished by depersonalizing the room, removing any clutter, rearranging the furniture and accessories to showcase the features of your house, making it most appealing to buyers. Statistics show that staged homes are on the market for less time and sell for more money than homes that have not been staged.

Staging is a smart investment. It maximizes a house’s attributes, minimizes its flaws, define its spaces and helps a buyer mentally move in. We have an extensive inventory of furniture and accessories to stage small and large houses accommodating any budget.

A light staging would include accessories and art only for priority areas such as the entry, kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace mantels. Moderate stagings include furniture and accessories for key areas providing one to two rooms with some warmth and ‘wow’ showing off the home’s focal points and natural assets. A full staging includes complete furnishing and accessory placement for all areas needed. Real Estate Agents and Builders enjoy our services for staging model/spec homes.

Very simply, we love color! It is the fastest and least expensive way to make the largest transformation of a room. We will help you find the perfect color palette to coordinate the elements of your room and make it all come together.

Redesign Consultation
During our consultation, we will get to know you, your likes/dislikes, style as well as get acquainted with your home. We will discuss the function and purpose of the space you are considering for redesign, traffic patterns, etc. This will also be the time we will ask to see the rest of your home, to give us an opportunity to learn your style and what is available in the other rooms of your home. (This is important as we do sometimes “shop” from other rooms to add or replace necessary items in the redesign space.)

Room Redesign
"Makeover" day! This is a chance for you to spend approximately 3-4 hours doing something you enjoy. We will rearrange your room into a more functional and beautiful space creating dramatic results by using your existing furnishings. This will be done by moving furniture, lighting and accessories for a whole new designer look without the designer prices. The transformation will be amazing!

This popular new service emerged as an extension of our staging clients' needs. When you move from one house to the next, many times the rooms are not configured alike: walls space and room functions are not the same, and it can be quite a challenge figuring it all out!! This is where our expertise become a valuable asset. First, we meet at your old house, view your furnishings, take measurements and assess which items you wish to keep and which ones you are considering replacing. We then go to the new house to view the space to provide you with our advice for the best fit of your existing furniture in the new place. On moving day or shortly thereafter, we will arrive and arrange the furniture, hang artwork, place accessories, hang window treatments and make your new house feel like home!! You'll be amazed how at the new look we can achieve in your new space by repurposing your current furniture. No more agonizing about what to put where!! This allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy!

Utilize our experience and expertise to source the perfect home décor items to fit your style and your budget. Rugs, wall paint, window coverings, accessories, art, furniture...Whatever your heart desires! We can shop alone, after a consultation, or we can go together.


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